Your Onsite & Remote I.T. Support

Blue Surf I.T. is a full service information technology consulting firm based in Southern California. We specialize in expert on-site and remote support for small to medium sized businesses, non-profits and home users. We’ve prided ourselves on clear communication, customer satisfaction and quick response time at affordable rates since 2008. At Blue Surf I.T. we listen to our clients and bend technology to their needs not the other way around.


  • Provide complete onsite and remote I.T. support to small business clients, non-profit organizations and home users
  • PC and Mac computers and peripherals support
  • Router, wireless network, email, remote access technologies, smart phones
  • Onsite and cloud backup implementation and maintenance
  • Office 365 implementation and support
  • G Suite support
  • Cloud storage
  • VOIP phone systems selection, installation and support
  • Windows Server installation and configuration
  • Deployment of new networks for clients, including small domain architecture design
  • Network infrastructure documentation and client support manual creation
  • End-user training and best practices consultation

A Dedicated Specialist

For our company’s IT support, we needed someone who could address a wide variety of technical issues, both large and small, and who could also customize services for us as we grow and our needs evolve. Gitta has done all that and so much more. She has gotten our IT on a solid footing. From day one, we have felt confident that we were in good hands.  Gitta is technically skilled, completely reliable, and totally trustworthy. She has become a real member of our team, and she is a joy to work with.

PMSan Diego, CA

Gitta is amazing and does great work. She has saved me and my company on several occasions. Recently, we were crippled and our firewall and router were down. Gitta came in and set up a new firewall, router and network and we were back up an running. Can thank her enough.

Brad M.San Francisco, CA

Gita is so smart and can figure anything out if you have any trouble with your computer Unlike people I hired before  her she is humble, kind, intelligent  and  most of all down to earth and not full of herself.   I had two really difficult problems that would happen here and there and were not consistent and so  frustrating for me.  She came over and in a very short while had both issues solved.  I am so happy to have found her.   She deserves 100 stars

Nancy D.La Jolla, CA

I am an old paper and pencil guy. Habits die hard and frankly I have always had a tough time with todays technology. My girlfriend recommended me to someone she heard about for help when my iMac suddenly was infected by an irritating virus (and people say Apple doesn’t get viruses, RIGHT!!). So, I contacted Ms. Gitta at Blue Surf IT and she wasted no time in her diagnosis and fix of my computer. Best of all…..she did not make me feel stupid. Quite the contrary. She showed me the problem, how to fix it, and how to best steer clear of these problems in the future. Two for one….a fix and an education = job well done.

Mark W.San Diego, CA

I most highly recommend Gita and Blue Surf IT.  She reconfigured our network over a weekend with no business downtime.  Gita was here Monday morning as well to make sure everything was working properly.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and is able to address any issues we may have.  If you need IT services, you won’t find a better one than Gita and Blue Surf IT.

Troy V.Del Mar, CA

Gita is terrific!! I had several problems with my computer, particularly the Wi-Fi and printers. She was able to resolve the issues in no time. She also made several suggestions that enhanced my system greatly. I think she is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable, dependable and professional….. Quick and bright and reasonable.

Carol V.Rancho Mirage, CA

Knowledgeable Friendly Affordable